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1 session 60 minutes 10,00 BYN
4 sessions 60 minutes (period of validity - 30 days) 38,00 BYN
8 sessions 60 minutes (period of validity - 45 days) 65,00 BYN
12 sessions 60 minutes (period of validity - 45 days) 85,00 BYN


Pilates: the system of exercises on improvement of a body and consciousness which allows to develop physical force, flexibility and coordination and also reduces stress, increases concentration and increases control over a body

 Fitness in MinskFitness in Minsk

Stretching: It not only a complex of occupations for an extension of muscles, but also the complete system of the sheaves sparing exercises for increase in elasticity of sheaves and flexibility of joints. Hundreds of video lessons of "house" stretching will never replace to you full-fledged occupation in the equipped hall under the leadership of the skilled trainer. Only the professional instructor will be able to pick up an optimal variant of loading, considering your age, a constitution, a way of life, etc. Individual approach to each client guarantees improvement of a "natural" extension which considerably will increase elasticity of sheaves and mobility of joints and that is important, "won't be gone" as soon as you for some reason will cease to attend classes. Besides, stretching helps to straighten a bearing, kills muscular pains and nervous tension. 

Fitness in MinskFitness in Minsk

Total Body: the complex of power exercises based on a combination of various techniques. The number of calories allows "to get rid" for a short time from maximum. During exercises  practically all groups of muscles are involved. The intensity of loading – average, the direction is suitable for any level of physical train

Miofastsialny release (MFR) – The special exercises which are carried out on a training allow to relax muscles and fastion, and then to stretch them. Therefore not only excessive stress is removed, but also the flexibility and mobility in joints increases. The correct inclusion in trainings of occupations of MFR allows to avoid fatigue and overfatigue, promotes removal of the related headaches, back pains, excessive excitability or, on the contrary, drowsiness. MFR which is carried out in special programs is a simple, safe technology of self-massage with use of scooters and balls of the different size, density and invoice. By means of the massage equipment we influence fabric tension in the body and we regulate intensity of influence according to own feelings. Positive action of MFR is so big that even the unique occupation is capable to give effect for 3-7 days, and regular and competent practice provides stable comfortable feelings in a body.

Applications the technician of MFR are result:

- relaxation of chronically tight muscles;

- restoration of mobility and necessary amplitude of the movement in joints;

- improvement viscous эластических properties of connecting fabrics, sheaves and sinews;

- elimination of venous and lymphatic stagnation;

- improvement of exchange processes in an organism;

- restoration of functions of an organism after excessive physical activities and injuries;

- psychoemotional unloading