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Who of us didn't dream about interplanetary travel in childhood? Boys dreamed becoming astronauts, and the girls – the astronaut's wives…

We invite you to realize a childhood dream on board of the intergalactic cafe “Freestyle”!

The interior of the cafe is in the space style: the majestic walls in noble dark tones, almost floating in the air, white tables and chairs, a nice relax music and, of course, varied menu that will delight affordable prices!

Cafes territory conditionally divided into 3 zones: a common hall for 30 seats, VIP-hall for 40 seats and a small enclosed area for smaller companies.

European, Belarusian, Italian cuisine… Hot and cold appetizer, true Italian pizza, rich steaks, business lunch, pasta and flavored sauces, alcoholic and alcohol-free, delicious desserts …

Cafe “Freestyle” – place of meeting for friends! Ideal variant for coffee breaks, banquets, corporate parties and children’s holiday.

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