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Address4a Surganova St.
Telephone number+375 (17) 287 97 00

Training center "Freestyle"

Training Center “Freestyle” is a unique sport venue, which has no analogues. It is the first roofed Aerial Skiing Center, which means that sportsmen can train any time of year and don’t depend on weather conditions. Previously our Belorussian Aerial Skiers’ trainings were held in other countries during spring and summer. The opening of our own training base lets our sportsmen to train at home and save training expenses.

Moreover, it is planned to hold international Summer Aerial Skiing competitions at Training Center Freestyle.

Sports Area

Sports Area is oriented on holding trainings and competitions in aerial skiing, high diving and synchronous swimming. It is the base of the center, which is situated in the central hall. Stands are a part of the sport area. The venue capacity is up to 546 seats. There are coach and judge boxes in the audience area.

Moreover, it is planned to hold international Summer Aerial Skiing competitions at Training Center Freestyle.

  • Ski Jumps
  • Springboards
  • Sports Pool
  • Three ski jumps (small, medium, big);
  • Top acceleration distance – 46 m;
  • A special polymeric coating is irrigated with water during trainings, thus creating a sliding effect.

  • Springboards are made of concrete and certified for international competitions;
  • The height of the springboards: 1m, 3m, 5m, 7m, 10m.

  • A 20x30 m sports pool is the deepest pool in the country (up to 7.5 m);
  • The pool is equipped with a special “Airbag”, which softens the aerials skiers’ landing on the water;
  • Special cells for photo and movie making are built in the pool walls;
  • Divers and synchronized swimmers as well as aerials skiers can use the pool to hone their skills.

Optional Services

  • Choreography Hall
  • GYM
  • Trampoline Hall

Recreational Center

  • Rehabilitation center
  • Recuperation center

The center is equipped with a massage room with modern medical equipment, which is necessary for recuperation of aerials skiers after compressive loads.

The visiting of the sports sauna is an integral part of the training process. It helps to relieve stress and fatigue after trainings. Bath treatments stimulate the decrease of lactic acid in muscles. Regular visiting of steam baths trains heart, hardens the body and accustoms it to high loads, which plays an important role in sport.

Belarus Residents an Nonresidents
All prices are in BYN
Aerial skiing jump complex for more than 5 sportsmen
person per hour 45,00
Aerial skiing jump complex for up to 5 sportsmen
person per hour 50,00
person per hour 16,00
Choreography hall
hall per hour 33,00
Trampoline Hall
Trampoline per hour 40,00
Thermal Complex
Monday - Thursday person per hour 18,00
Friday - Sunday person per hour 20,00